Ranchero Catering
About Us

Ranchero Catering was opened in 1994 by Antonio Barragan and his wife Graciela Barragan when they moved to California from Michoacán, Mexico with hopes of opening their own restaurant.

They dreamed of an old time restaurant where only the finest ingredients would be used. Since the beginning Ranchero Catering has served everything from scratch using no preservatives, palm oil, or lard. Now, the next generation of hard work and family pride keep Antonio and Graciela’s dreams alive with their 1 daughter Silvia and 5 sons José, Antonio, Ignacio, Hector and Nicolas, working daily in the business and staying focused on customer satisfaction and quality products.
So we invite you to visit our family and experience an old time original restaurant for yourself.

At Ranchero Catering, we aim to offer a personal rendition of Mexican gourmet cuisine using high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking techniques where traditional methods of cooking are the finest Mexican food from the heart of Mexico and the legacy of our common food culture are all being subjected to an innovative gastronomic approach. Our dedication is to create an exceptional experience for our customers. Carrying this line of thinking further, we view it as a challenge to play a part in bringing a regeneration of Mexican culinary craft, in its capacity to encompass the world with its distinctive tastiness and special regional character.

Our Mission

Along the way, we’ve realized that our commitment to serving Traditional Mexican Food With trust, respect, and Integrity could extend beyond tacos, burritos, tortas, and quesadillas. We’ve built on our vision for the future of always bringing the best flavor form the heart of Mexico.